Joyce Kilmer Wilderness Area

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Joyce Kilmer-Trees Poem

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Joyce Kilmer–Slickrock Wilderness Area I Joyce Kilmer–trail map | Joyce Kilmer–plaque | Joyce Kilmer–wildlife info | Joyce Kilmer Tree poem

Joyce Kilmer–Slickrock Wilderness Area

Joyice Kilmer trees

Joyce Kilmer–Slickrock Wilderness Area | Joyce Kilmer–trail map | Joyce Kilmer–plaque | Joyce Kilmer–wildlife info | Joyce Kilmer Tree poem

Joyce Kilmer tree poem

Joyce Kilmer plaque

Wildlife:At an elevation of 3,520 feet, the overlook affords opportunities to watch from above the aerial aerobics of a variety of summer birds such as the broad-winged and red-tailed hawk (Buteo platypterus and B. jamaicensis), cedar waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum), great crested flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus), American goldfinch (Spinus tristis), indigo bunting (Passerina cyanea), pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus), downy woodpecker, scarlet tanager, and numerous warblers.

Flora for Fauna: A variety of violets, trilliums , solomon's seal , galax , crested dwarf iris , jack-in-the-pulpit , and carpets of ferns.

In addition to the mighty yellow-poplar and Eastern hemlock, the forest has red oak , basswood , red maple , American beech , yellow birch , Carolina silverbell, dogwood , and witch-hazel , among others. Birds are hard to spot in these tall treetops, but the songs of the downy woodpecker , wood thrush , solitary and red-eyed vireo, ovenbird , golden-crowned kinglet, scarlet tanager , and brown creeper have been reported.

Activities:Hiking, picnicking.

Facilities:Parking, picnic tables and grills, restrooms, water.

Primitive camping sites are abundant throughout the wilderness area, and U.S. forest campgrounds are near the boundary. In addition, the U.S. Forest Service Horse Cove Campground Area offers 17 units adjacent to the rushing mountain stream, Little Santeetlah Creek. The campground is located directly across from the entrance to Joyce Kilmer picnic area. Fishing is popular along and in the Little Santeetlah Creek and Slickrock Creek, as well as at nearby Santeetlah Lake.

Fees:Charge for camping

Closest town:Robbinsville, 17 miles.

For more information: Cheoah Ranger Station,
Route 1, Box 16A,
Robbinsville, NC 28771.
Phone (704) 479-6431.
Tim Homan's Hiking Trails of Joyce Kilmer–Slickrock and Citico Creek Wilderness Areas.

Directions: To Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest: take US 129 north approximately 1 mile past Robbinsville. Turn left onto NC 143 west (marked with a sign for Joyce Kilmer). After approximately 3.5 miles, turn left onto SR 1127 and continue for approximately 9 miles. The entrance is well marked on the left. To access the wilderness's southern perimeter, start at the Cheoah Ranger Station and turn left onto SR 1116. Travel 2.4 miles and turn right onto SR 1127. Continue for 6.9 miles to an unmarked road; turn left and then turn immediately right onto FR 81 (gravel road). Travel 6.8 miles to FR 81F and turn right at the forest service sign. Wolf Laurel Hunter Camp is ahead 4.4 miles on the left, and the parking area, signboard, and trailhead for Wolf Laurel Trail another .5 mile. To enter the northern portion of the wilderness, travel on US 129 for 5.6 miles north of where it intersects Old US 129. At a bridge across the Cheoah River, turn left onto a narrow, gravel road, FR 62. Continue for 7.2 miles to a parking area and the trail head for Big Fat Gap Trail.